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Bhutan- A small country in the Himalayas.  Their typical dishes are cooked with cheese.  The national dish of Bhutan is the ema datsi, which means chili pepper and cheese. Yes!! That dish IS SPICY SPICY SPICY!  

Nepal- Country situated in the Himalayas.  Nepali food is similar to  Indian.  One of the many staple dishes they have is called Thali.  Thali means plate.  Its a tasting platter that consist items such as a   sweet, sour, salty and spicy–overall a balanced meal!


Hello World!

Hello World!

Tenzin Norbu was born and raised in Thimphu, Bhutan. His mom is Nepali and his dad is Bhutanese. The menu is built around his family recipes! Sanya Yeh was born in New York and raised in Lancaster, PA.

We met in NYC working together in the diamond district selling B2B.  We got married, and decided it was best to raise a family in PA.  There were no Bhutanese restaurants in PA(at the time) and we wanted people to know about Bhutan and Nepal and how amazing the food really is!  In 2016 we opened our first restaurant in New Cumberland called Yak n Yeti.  We were blown away by the amount of love and support we had received from the community that in 2018 we decided to open Yak n Yeti II in Carlisle, PA. We have always wanted to be a part of Lancaster… so in 2021, we opened Norbu!  Unfortunately we had to close New Cumberland due to lack of staff.  Although we are saddened that chapter had ended, we are very excited for this new chapter to start!  We look forward to serving you and getting to know you all!

We love to support local any way we can and believe its what keeps our communities going!

BYOB!!  We will take reservations of parties of 5 or more up to 15.  We will only hold the table for 10 minutes.  Please arrive on time for the time requested.  Thank you for understanding!  Any parties 16 or more will require a private event 


Hosting a party?  Let us cook for you!

Lunch buffet every Tuesday and Thursday 11:30am-1:45pm

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Restaurant Hours

Tuesday 11:30am-2pm

Wednesday-Friday 11:30am-2pm, 5pm-8pm

Saturday- 1pm – 3pm, 5pm-8pm

**Kitchen closes 15 minutes prior**

Lunch buffets every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30am-1:45pm




38 N Christian St.                 Lancaster, PA 17602